Frank Marshall

Executive Producer

With a career spanning almost 50 years and over 80 films, Frank Marshall has helped shape American cinema, producing some of the most successful and enduring films of all time. Credits include: BOURNE GREMLINS, BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?, HOOK, EMPIRE OF THE SUN, INDIANA JONES trilogy, SIGNS, WAR HORSE, and all four films in the BOURNE series. Currently, his productions include the summer blockbuster JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN  KINGDOM, the Emmy nominated documentary WHAT HAUNTS US, and the finishing of Orson Welles final film, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FILM. Marshall has 5 Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, including RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, THE COLOR PURPLE, THE SIXTH SENSE, SEABISCUIT, and THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON.